Nicole and Garrett- August 3rd, 2017- Space Gallery

Kaitlyn and Nathan- August 19th, 2017- Denver Botanic Gardens/Moss
October 9, 2017
#LoKnows Cherry Creek
October 12, 2017
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Urban Gallery Wedding

Event Date: 8/3/2017

Couple: Nicole and Garrett

Location: Space Gallery

Lead Coordinator: Lauren Wiltshire 

Assistant Coordinator: Erica Reeves

Services Provided: Orchestration Package


Rockstar Vendors:

Photo Credit: Carissa Gross 

Venue: The Space Gallery 

Catering: Biscuits and Berries

Dessert: The Market



What was your favorite thing about this event?

This couple was one of those that had amazing creative talent and that came out in their event. Of course choosing an Art gallery is a good place to start but then they added hand made favors that really brought their personalities to life. They decided to make mini canvas’s as favors that they stenciled and splashed with paint! Such a cool idea and the guests were so excited to take home something that the couple personally made made for them.


Did you have a favorite design element?  

They built a Heart backdrop for their ceremony that was so simple, yet really added to the event. We reused it near the dance floor and it was so neat to see everyone using it in photos. I know Nicole and Garrett will look back and be so happy to create something that was used throughout the night.


Were there any special/unique design elements/ceremonies?

An added part of their family’s German roots was an Heart Cutting ceremony that they did. Its a large flag with a heart in the middle of it and the bride and groom race to see who can cut out half of the heart the fastest. Once they cut out the heart he then carries her through it to represent the start of their marriage.


What did you like best about coordinating at this venue?

This venue really is a clean palate for an event. You never know what art installs are going to be present but its a fun, clean space to mess with when designing for any kind of event.


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