Best Advice Received: Do not Romanticize

Best Advice We Have Received: Boundaries
June 17, 2021

Best Advice I have been given during my time in the events industry 

Man, I have been given a lot of great advice over the last 8 years in the biz.   So it is hard to narrow it down.   

I would like to take a step back…if you know much about me you know I have an amazing team backing me up. Not just my employees but personally.  My family is full of CPAS, Tech Ninjas, and just overall successful kick ass people.  They not only give great advice, but they help me out on the reg!  They inspire me!  I know I am very Fortunate to have these people around me.  

 Ok – I have to pick just one?  Lets go with…Do not romanticize your business.   



  • deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is. 

What does this mean when it comes to my businesses? It means a few key things.  

  1. Businesses change over time…divisions might come and go.  If the math doesn’t make sense it has to go, no questions asks, no negotiations.  When I decided to dissolve the event planning side of the business, this was a quick and easy decision.  While it was kind of an end of an era, I felt at peace with it.    
  2. Sometimes an employee is not a good fit for their role or the company anymore, and that is ok, Romanticizing them as the “way they used to be” or “maybe they will get more engaged again”  is only going to make the inevitable much harder for everyone.   
  3. When you romanticize, you tend to take on bad deals and bad clients.  “This will get me to the better clients”  “ I will loose money here cause next year will be the best”   Not seeing what is really happening right now…you are taking bad clients – burning out yourself, and loosing money.   

Yes, we are emotional humans – and I am not telling you to be a stone cold heartless person.  I am telling you that if something doesn’t serve your business or your bottom line – it should go. Of course, you should care about your business and your people – but approaching from the logical side of your brain will always serve you.  See things for what they REALLY are.  

Anna Eddy
Anna Eddy
Marketing Guru.

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