Best Advice Received: Go with your Gut

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May 21, 2021
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June 9, 2021

There are plenty of humans in this world who struggle with trusting their instincts and going with their initial thought or knee-jerk reaction. In the last year, we have faced a plethora of the unknown and I have witnessed many questions what they know to be true, or the right call over and over again, especially couples trying to find their wedding venue. Prior to COVID, most couples actively toured 4-5 venues; now, we’re seeing an average of 8-10 venues. In my conversations with potential clients, I have reiterated and emphasized to go with your gut. 

Those that know me know that I have a complicated relationship with my gut – the literal gut, that is (food allergies are all the rage, you know). My metaphorical gut, however, is ON POINT. In almost every job I’ve had, my supervisors and mentors have harped on the importance of listening to and trusting your gut, as it is basically your guiding compass. 

 In the sales realm, this can benefit you, your role, and your performance in numerous ways: 

  1. Following up with leads – mainly looking at those who are early in planning, leads for celebrations of life, etc. I could place them in the standard follow up funnel of emails and calls OR I could go with my gut, think empathetically and strategically, and adjust my approach after the initial contact. This will lead to a higher likeliness of a converted sale. 
  1. Avoiding burnout and maintaining boundaries – mentioned previously, but you are truly the only one who knows your limitations. If your gut says that your schedule is a little too stacked and you need to do a “no tour day”, do it! This will help you take care of your need-to-do business and preserve some of your sanity. 
  1. Trusting that you know what’s up – basically, your gut can back up your confidence in what you are communicating and displaying. As we know, the brain is incredible and absorbs information actively and subconsciously. When you lean into your intuition, you leave any anxiety or doubt in the dust. 

For an extra dose of motivation, replace the word “heart” with “gut” in Roxette’s ballad “Listen to Your Heart”. If you’re looking for some other gut support, I highly suggest hitting up your local Whole Food’s and snagging some Rowdy Mermaid kombucha. 

Kagney Kordzik
Kagney Kordzik
EVENT ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE for TGE. CEO of making it rain.

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