Beware of the “Friendor”

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August 10, 2017
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Beware of the “Friendor”

Friendor: A “friend” you also hire to be your wedding day vendor. Leading to an end to your relationship with your friend and a terrible performing vendor…in a lot of cases.


Bride – “It’s fine…my friend is a DJ.”  

Wedding Planner – “Cool, has he done a wedding before?”

Bride – “No, but I am sure he can do it, how hard can it be”


A few True Stories to share….

Wedding date: April 2017

Bride lets us know that she has hired her “friend from college” to be her wedding photographer.  As a coordinator it is super important for us to confirm details before the big day. So we send off the timeline, call the photographer, says they have no questions and all seems to be in order.

Wedding day comes – no photographer!  We call, email, text! No responses, we cannot get a hold of this guy!  We are at a site in the middle of no where, so we actually begin taking our own images for the bride. Of her dress hanging up, her and her bridesmaids getting ready etc.   FINALLY we get a call back…“Umm hello, where are you?!”  “ I thought the wedding was tomorrow. I am on my way, I will be there in an hour.”

He made it, the bride was able to get the photos she wanted. But the bride later told me….”That’s what I get for hiring my friends.”



Wedding date: Sept 2016

Same set up…”friend is going to DJ our wedding”

This friend, then proceeds to show up to the wedding under the influence of what was most likely Colorado’s latest legalized item.  He was a mess! Looked like he just got out of bed and he could not even remember the couples names!  We tried to get him to pull himself together, but honestly…he was too far gone!  We actually ended up pulling him from the wedding!  We used an Ipod until we were able to get a replacement DJ on site.


So hey!  I am not saying all vendors that are your pals are going to do a bad job! Some actually turn out great. But just beware, get all agreements in writing!  Even if they are your friend.  And make sure to take the time to set the expectation of what you would like them to provide for you!


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