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January 5, 2021
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February 4, 2021

Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job. 


Yikes, even just reading that statement makes me feel heavy.  We have all been there. Many of us by our own hands – because we run or own the companies! How insane is that?    The event industry has mad turnover in mid level positions! Why is that?  BURN-OUT!   Let’s talk about some of the causes of burn out  and how they relate to the event industry right now.  I encourage you to look at this list and think about your environment and your team.

  1. Feeling like you have no control! What you mean like government shut downs?  Lay offs – what?!?  This is tough, event people like control.  That things are always changing and are inconsistent
  2. Lack of recognition.  This is directed to the managers out there. For the team you have – I hope you are cheering them on.  Positive feedback is so important right now.
  3. Extremes of activities. One day your employee has very little to do. The next day they are getting yelled at multiple times by people who want money back.  EXTREMES.
  4. Unclear job expectations.  Maybe you had to shift around your team – change roles up.  Does everyone know exactly what they should be doing?
  5. High Pressure atmosphere.  Events in general are not for weenies.  But now – add the COVID stress on it.  Clients are cranky and taking it out on your team


Ok – now we know some causes of burn out.  Can you see any of these in your team or workplace?  Now what? Take a nice bath, drink some wine.  NO! That is temporary bullshit fixes. The problem will still be there in the morning, and you will have gained a headache.  Let’s talk about real change to decrease burnout.

  1. What can you control?  I tell my team we can control very little, own that!  But I can control myself.  How I feel about things.  The actions I take – the people I help.  Also, be careful for the amount of crap you and your team are putting up with from clients.  Feeling compromised constantly is the worst feeling.  If someone gets in your face, stand up for yourself!  There will be other clients, other deals.
  2. Praise your team!  What can you do virtually when someone does a good job! Share a meme, share a review/feedback.  Or maybe just personally tell them they are appreciated.
  3. Help your team be organized.  Block out the time in your day.  This will limit the amount of “Totally Extreme” days.  I only spend 2 hours a day working on client issues, after that I am moving onto another task. 
  4. With the shifting of roles – take the time to write out full job descriptions.  If you are an employee and you are unclear – ask your boss/manager to do this.  Then review together. Hammer out any issues.
  5. Promote self education.  Books on personal growth and self development.   Written by successful people.
  6. Have some Fun!  Share a silly meme,  poke fun at yourself.  Lighten up whenever you can.    If you find it hard to find the fun – schedule it in!  Every hour have your own 1 minute dance party.  Maybe your team will join you.


Burnout is a two way street.

  • Managers need to recognize the signs and causes – make changes!
  • employees need to speak up when they feel overwhelmed – ask for help!

Our industry has lost so many great employees, managers and owners over the past year. They have moved onto other roles and industries.  Will they come back?  Maybe, maybe not.   I for one really want to keep the event rockstars in our industry.


Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development adriennegardner.com gardnereffect.com

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