Cara and Spencer- September 23, 2018- Red Rocks Trading Post and Moss Denver- Romantic Red Rocks Wedding

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Romantic Red Rocks Wedding

Event Date:  September 23rd, 2018

Couple/Client: Cara and Spencer

Location: Red Rocks Trading Post and Moss Denver

Coordinator:  Kelly Knopp

Assistant Coordinator: Jennifer Bean 

Services Provided to the client: Wedding Orchestration + Design


Rockstar Vendors:

Photo: Elevate Photography

Venue: Ceremony- Red Rocks Trading Post, Moss Denver

Catering: Biscuits and Berries Catering

Entertainment: Diamond Empire Band

Floral: The Olive and Poppy 

Ceremony Music: Masterful Musicians


What was your favorite thing about this event?

I absolutely love when a couple lets their personalities shine at their event. Every single aspect of this design and the way the events were laid out, and the locations, showcased who Cara and Spencer are not only as individuals but as a couple.


Did you have a favorite design element?  

Cara and Spencer both love the outdoors, the literary world, and bright colors. This resulted in a lot of really fun design elements! My favorite design element was the Hexagonal ceremony backdrop. One of Cara and Spencer’s groomsmen built it for them which I thought was so fun! The pops of color from the floral’s from Olive and Poppy and the beautiful geometric shape were the perfect addition to the Red Rocks Trading Post’s view.


Were there any special/unique design elements/ceremonies?

Cara and Spencer are both whiskey lovers. They decided that instead of doing a wine box ceremony, they would do a whiskey box ceremony! They decided to write letters and seal them in a box with a bottle of whiskey, and on their one year anniversary they will open the letters and drink some of the whiskey, before putting in a second letter and sealing it back up for their next anniversary, and so on and so forth throughout all of their years! I thought this was another great way to bring their personality through again.


What did you like best about coordinating at this venue?

I always love coordinating at Moss Denver because it is such a blank canvas! I have never had two events look the same. Our couples are able to make it exactly what they want and I haven’t found a style yet that doesn’t look great in that place! You cannot go wrong with living moss walls, beautiful chandeliers, and blank canvas walls!


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