Corporate Event Planning Services

From small gatherings to large events we have you covered. We can customize an event planning package that fits your exact needs!


How are we different?

  • Your event budget is always 100% transparent with TGE. No more wondering how much you are actually spending on vendors.  You know exactly where every dollar of your budget is going!
  • Our services are based on a scope of hours that is customized to your event!  We track our hours and you pay for only what you need.


Check out one of our recent corporate events for SLACK!

What we do...


We will get your guests where they need to be

Budget Planning

Keep track of all the event expenses

Venue and Vendors

Help you find the best sites and pros!


DJs, Bands, even impersonators!

Food and Beverage

You gotta eat right?


Innovation in every detail

Event Registration

Customized Event Sites and Platforms


Full on site management

Who we do it for...

Every Corporate event is different! Contact us today for a customized proposal!