“Why We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner/Coordinator…But Wish We Had”

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Huffington Post Article including interviews from recently married couple who did not hire a wedding coordinator.

TGE response provided by Adrienne Gardner


We weren’t that great at choosing vendors after all. Despite thinking that researching vendors ourselves was the only way to ensure we could make the best supplier decisions, this didn’t work out so swimmingly. Out of 15 or so wedding day vendors, there were only three that we were actually totally happy with… and some others we were extremely unhappy with.

TGE Response – The truth here is that most couples have organized very few weddings if any at all! We have organized hundreds! We know who to work with and more importantly…who to avoid!  Also our strong vendor network means our couples save money! 


We didn’t know what to look for in a vendor. Other than a little Google research before interrogating potential vendors via email, we really had no idea what to ask. For example, after contacting 20 different hairdressers for quotes, I realized I had to specify if I was planning an up- or down-do to get accurate pricing… so had to email them all over again.

TGE Response – We have a saying….more is just that, MORE! Not Better!  We will always refer the correct vendor for the job. Based on budget, need location etc! This saves our couples countless hours of vendor hunting.  


Things do go wrong at the last minute. The day before the wedding, the baker for our cake buffet claimed they never received our order, and our dance floor provider phoned halfway through our bridal party lunch claiming they hadn’t been paid.

TGE Response – We always confirm details with vendors two weeks out. So we are going to catch something like this well in advance!  Then we can come up with a plan and get that problem solved.


It can be difficult to find help elsewhere.  On the wedding day, when my groom should have been chilling out, he was driving all over town picking up cakes and buttonholes, and when he arrived at the ceremony had to set up our refreshments table. We asked one friend to reach the ceremony early so she could SMS us that the officiant, musicians and decorator had arrived on time.

TGE Response – this is the most painful of all the topics from this article.  Because instead of enjoying his day the groom had to run around and also set up!  A couple will spend thousands on a venue, catering, band etc.  But then they try to cut a corner with a coordinator.  This severely compromised the grooms experience. 



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