Event Season Development Dip (ESDD)

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February 6, 2021
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February 28, 2021

Q1 you are crushing your social media game and working leads like its your job (cause it is!) The  Bam!  Event season is here, and then wait…wtf is Instagram again?  And shitttt….did I ever get back to that one lead?

This is NOT OK!  Business development should not take the back seat to execution. This is how you plateau.   And you have heard me say this before…you are better then that!  Do not take your foot off the gas during busy season, here are some ways to avoid the Event Season Development Dip (ESDD). 


  1. Plan plan and plan.  Plan your newsletters. Plan your campaigns.  Schedule posts well in advance (like 90 days if you can).  Write blogs NOW.  Have a stock pile of content.  Then all you have to do is click “post,”
  2. Hire EMS.  Yep – making sure you are not burning yourself out with onsite events is crucial. You have to have time to sell!  It is a simple fact.
  3. Following with with leads should come first – always.  This is non negotiable. You have to have money to grow your business. So hire if you need to,  block your schedule if that works for you.  Turn off your emails and focus on selling only.
  4. Keep your vendors in mind.  Showing appreciation shouldn’t be just for Q4 and Q1.  Take the time every week to thank people that help you.  Venues that refer you.  Planners that keep you sane. Some appreciation as often as you can.  This not only makes them feel good – it will make you feel good as well!  Positive vibes beget positive things.
  5. Set goals for development.  In Q2 I plan to secure X amount of new events and X amount of new referring partners.  Do not just set goals in the slow season. Goals should be 365 baby.
  6. DO NOT justify the ESDD.   This gives it power. “But my clients, But my team”    If you falter, its ok – but fix it.  Plan out development, make time for it.  If you are only growing your business half the year…plan on half the results. 


Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development adriennegardner.com gardnereffect.com

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