Fast Forward – it is May 2021; are you ready?

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February 4, 2021
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February 14, 2021

Good news on the new dial! We are all riding high, feeling like their is a slight glimmer of hope of this event season.  We might actually be able to pull this thing out!  But then, that feeling of anxiety creeps in – chest tightens a bit…what is that? Its the feeling of being overwhelmed, under prepared, and just not sure what to expect!  Man, we can all feel it.   BUT! As the masters of our own universe, what can we do about it.  I have my hit list to be prepared for an awesome season – maybe it can help you out.


1. Get ahead of the communication.  Kasandre is leading the charge with talking to our venues clients about COVID.  That counts are improving, but guidelines will likely still need to be followed.   No one wants to hear this at their walk through. You cannot take for granted that everyone should be aware of our guidelines.  So I suggest you start making some calls.  It is all in the approach – don’t be the Debbie downer.  Their weddings and events will still be awesome.  But better to set a standard a few months out, then to have a mom chew your ass out at a walk through.   Not communicating because you are scared, or you think it might prompt cancellations is not a good plan. Your clients deserve better then that.    Our clients appreciate us communicating with them so regularly. Sometimes we have no news, and nope – still don’t have that crystal ball. But we are here for them, and we have the same goals as they do.   Have a great and SAFE event.


2.. Be staffed up!  Is your team ready? I know its hard to forecast, but think about your team. Who you need.  Get them locked in.  If you think you will be able to hire in May I fear you will be in a bad spot.    We are hiring now to be ready for our April volume. While yes, there are no guarantees.  We will be ready!


3. Training. We are 100% changing how we train.    This will save me and my managers 100 hours (yes 100!).,  This allows us to be better prepared to serve our clients.  And NO, I am not going to tell you how I plan to do it lol.  But I urge you to eval your training and think about what you can do better, and perhaps cut out all together.    This allows us to not just be ready for our current volume – but ready, willing and able to take on more venues!  Making training more efficient will also allow you to train mid season without it derailing all of your managers.


4. Time to get efficient as F  Are all my aps and process optimized for time saving?  I HATE looking for a file, looking for a payment.  Everything should be where it should be. Are their any tasks that are performed regularly that can be cut out all together? What nooooo. Or automated?   Look at all of your event processes. Time to get lean and mean!


Don’t forget to take care of yourself – boss babes and dudes!  Eat well, be fit, get rest.  You will likely need your energy this summer and you do not want your body and lack of energy to be the thing that holds you back!

Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development

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