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June 17, 2016
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June 18, 2016
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Today I wanted to blog about something we get questions on all the time.  Very often a bride will ask us why their catering proposals seem so high, and can’t they just…”Order BBQ and have it dropped off.”   And why some venues require that full service caterer.  The main difference here is breaking down the terms “full service” and “drop off”

A drop off catering package normally includes:

  • Set up of Buffet tables only
  • Set up and display of food
  • Clean up and break down of buffet

A full service catering package normally includes:

  • Hard Set – setting up of tables, chairs, linens,  and all rentals
  • Service of plated meal as needed
  • Bartending services
  • Cleaning up of space throughout the event
  • Breaking down and clean up of event space
  • Trash disposal

So basically a drop off will only cover what is directly associated with your food.  Whereas a full service caterer will be there to work and clean throughout the event.  To give you an example a wedding of 150 guests needs anywhere from 10-15 staff members to keep things running smoothly.

Depending on your venue and wedding budget a drop off caterer maybe a good fit, but keep in mind you will need some friends to help out!

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