Jordin and Jacob June 2nd, 2019- Chatfield Botanic Gardens

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December 6, 2019
McKenzie and Cameron- July 6, 2019 The Kirk of Highlands
December 6, 2019
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Romantic Brunch Wedding


Event Date: 6.2.2019

Couple: Jordin and Jacob

Location: Chatfield Botanic Gardens

Lead Coordinator: Lauren Wiltshire

Assistant Coordinator: Laura Edelstein

Service Provided: Wedding Orchestration 


Rockstar Vendors:

Photo Credit: Sarah Hill Photography

Videography: Shutter and Sound Films

Venue: Chatfield Botanic Gardens

Catering: Rio Grande- Park Meadows

Bartending and Staffing: Avant Garde

Florist: Sara Mica Design


What was your favorite thing about this event? 

My favorite thing about this event was that is was a brunch wedding! Doesnt happen often but when it does, its always a great day.  I think that brunch weddings are so great because they give the couple such a chance to spend time with their guests. Usually with evening weddings, most of the reception becomes a dance party- which is so fun! But it hardly gives the couple any time to spend conversing and hanging out with their guests. Brunch weddings usually have more time for games, activities and good conversation! 


Any background info, history about the couple? How they met, etc? 

They met in elementary school and that was it! They have been together forever and that showed throughout the whole day. They were both just so happy and so were their families. Everyone knew everyone so well and they just wanted to celebrate the couple


What did you like best about coordinating at this venue?  

 Chatfield Botanic Gardens is one of the best venues for a brunch wedding! The beautiful gardens and large green lawns make a great setting for family games/activities! All you need is some perfect Colorado weather and you have the perfect place to spend celebrating your marriage with those you love!


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