Kate and Monte- September 28, 2018. Arrowhead Golf Club

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Stunning Red Rocks Colorado Wedding 

Event Date: 9/28/2018

Couple: Kate and Monte

Location: Arrowhead Golf Club

Lead Coordinator: Lauren Wiltshire

Assistant Coordinator: Kelsey Ertle

Service Provided: Wedding Orchestration 


Rockstar Vendors:

Photo credit: Elevate Photography

Venue: Arrowhead Golf Club

Caterer: Arrowhead Golf Club

Floral: Little Shop Of Flower

DJ: Jammin DJ’s

Hair/Make up: Beauty on Location


What was your favorite thing about this event? 

For starters my favorite thing about this event was the venue. Arrowhead Golf Club offers beautiful views and in the fall, it just sings. Kate and Monte had a wonderful day with all of their family and friends surrounding them. Once the dance floor opened up guest were dancing all night long and were having a blast. The day from start to finish was a success and you could definitely feel the love in the air! 


 What did you like best about coordinating at this venue?  

Working at Arrowhead Golf Club never disappoints because of the beautiful views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. No matter if you are from Colorado or visiting, it seems as if everyone gets a little giddy when they see a deer prancing along near the event. At this particular event Kate and Monte had some unexpected guest who were peeking through the trees. The deer’s! They were very close by and present all day which made it even more enjoyable. The guests just ate that up and thought it was a beautiful touch.




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