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March 7, 2018
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March 16, 2018
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#LoKnows Snow Days


When it snows outside are you the type of person to go on adventures or are you the type that likes to stay in and snuggle? No hate but I’m the type that likes to go on adventures!! So what do you do when its a snow day?



Snowy drinks and hearty food- The Whiskey Biscuit

Whiskey warms the soul…well at least that’s what I think. When its a snow day I love a good hearty meal at some point in the day and taking an adventure to find yummy food and drinks. This takes me to The Whiskey Biscuit. A great SOBO neighborhood spot that, as you can guess, serves some great whiskey and food combos. Check it out and see if you can spot the drink that’s on special every time it snows….





I will get out of the house at some point and if its not to nature, then I head for the movies. The perks of going when its snowing outside; less people, don’t have to pre-buy tickets and pay the processing fee, go earlier in the day for a cheaper movie. I tend to go on a movie marathon when I go in snow weather.  The Alamo Drafthouse- Littleton is where I usually end up. Food and drinks all movie long…yes please!




People love to hike when its warm, so why wouldnt you “hike” when its also snowing? My answer is, I do!! With so many national parks and open areas, there are endless amount of snowshoeing areas. Devils Thumb Ranch offers 6000 acres to explore not only for this winter sport but a ton of others! C Lazy U Ranch was rated #2 best snowshoeing trail and I can vouch for this one. Stunning views and lots of exercise! Don’t let the snow stop you.





You all probably think I’m crazy but hiking in the snow (especially if its not a blizzard) is so beautiful. Its the kind of quiet that you cant get anywhere else. Snow falling, doggo by your side and a nice easy stroll through great trails is where its at. Waterton Canyon is easy to get to and is a nice 6 mile walk. Just bring gloves, a hat and snow boots and you are good to go.




If you know me and my habits you know that I am definitely snowblooded. Any opportunity that I have to catch some fresh pow, I take it. Snow days are a little tricky if you arent a morning person because I am not the only one heading up the hill if there is snow in the forecast. I go up pretty early and then head to a cute resort coffee place, have some breakfast, get my boots on and enjoy the day. If you wait till later in the morning, you waste precious time in traffic getting to the good stuff. My go to places: Abay Keystone Beaver Creek


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