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#LoKnows Weather Apps

As an event manager you not only focus on the guests experience, the decor as well as all the other vendors but you also have to think about the weather for an event day. For all you living in Colorado you know that the weather changes all day long and we have to be prepared in case we need to go to Plan B for the day. For this #LoKnows I’ll talk about the weather apps that I use to get the most accurate weather for any event manager.


Weather Underground

This is my go to weather app because, for me, it has everything that I am looking to go over so that I can make the right call about that days events. It shows you temps for the day and week, precipitation and an hour by hour view of the day.

Pros: user friendly, all the info that you should need

Cons: doesnt show active radar in your area






This lovely app shows you weather systems that you might experience throughout the day. The radar can show you troubling spots and then it breaks down, by the hour, of weather changes.

Pros: you can watch fronts coming in and tell how bad the weather will be and a good overview of the days weather

Cons: doesnt show exact temps throughout the day





Dark Sky

I have this app for when its raining and I need to see how long its going to last. It’s THE BEST tool ever and seriously it tells you down the minute when the rain will stop. It also has a globe feature where you can see what the weather is doing around the world.

Pros: super accurate, user friendly

Cons: It doesn’t really show weather temps or forecasted weather



Combined, these apps have it all!! Added bonus…they are all FREE to download.


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