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January 5, 2021
January 29, 2021

I love habits, I love routine.  I am one of those people that see the true value in habits and the impact they can have on all parts of my life.  When I am in a routine, I feel centered, energized and accomplished.  I never think of routines and habits as a prison, and neither should you!  Habits actually set you free, as they create time! What? For real – habits free up more time for time with family, new projects, or relaxation.  


Best advice I was ever given on creating habits and making changes.  Get a team that will support you but also keep you in check. For example, I am training for a marathon (2021) and triathlon in 2022.  So why did my mom give me candy and jammies for Christmas?  But my husband got me some sweet new running gear Love my mom – but she is not getting where I am trying to go. And that’s ok, but I choose to connect on a more serious level with key people that are aligned with similar goals and focus Beware of people that tell you that you “work too hard” or you “should chill”   


What are some work habits I am working on in 2021? And how am I going to make these adjustments?  


Emails are a slight S*t Show  

The Issue: 

Ok, so my inbox has gotten a bit nutty in the last 9 months. Things are sitting too long.  I find that I do not focus much energy there because a lot of time I find that there is not much growth opportunity in day to day emails.  Of course, I knock out VIP items right away, but sometimes mid-tier tasks (that are important) are missed.   


The plan: 

I am huge fan of habit stacking (you need to read Atomic Habits). This is the plan where you place a new habit before or after ones you kick ass at.   I kick ass at journaling. I do it when I wake up and before bed.  Tackling emails in the morning to me sounds awful, I would rather work on new projects and hit the treadmill. So, I plan to stack the emails before I journal.  Take 30 minutes and review emails that came in that day and put them into my task manager. I create an actual task and not just an email.  If I need to schedule a call, pay a bill, etc. Yes, I plan to do this before bed.  I know that my days are packed with new projects and I am not willing to take time from those  



Connecting with vendor partners 

The issue:   

I miss my vendor friends, and this makes me sad.  And let’s be real this is still going to be a bit.  I want to make social a part of my regular life and not just something I do on a whim I also find that though conversations with kick ass people, I kick more ass as well.  It’s amazing how they attract each other.   


The plan: 

Weekly zoom happy hours/lunches with key vendor partners.  I can easily allot an hour a week for connection.  So, I have placed this on my calendar as a non-negotiable First step will be to connect and get these on a schedule, but once that is in place – fun time will become a part of my usual routine.  


Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development

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