Mckenna and Armon- June 23rd, 2018- Highlands Ranch Mansion

Abby and Laura- July 7th, 2018- Ya Ya Farm and Orchard
October 16, 2018
Courtney and Nathan- August 18th, 2018- Spruce Mountain Ranch
October 16, 2018
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Romantic Colorado Mansion Wedding

Event Date: 6/23/2018

Couple: McKenna and Armon

Location: Highlands Ranch Mansion

Lead Coordinator: Kelly Knopp 

Assistant Coordinator: Sarah Jacobs and Kelsey Ertle

Services Provided: Wedding Orchestration


Rockstar Vendors:

Photo Credit: Justyna Butler Photography 

Video: David Skaggs

Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion

Catering: All Love Catering

Production: Firefly Events

Cake: Intricate Cake Designs


Did you have a favorite design element?

McKenna and Armon’s wedding was a wonderful mix of colors, greenery, and various persian aspects that tied everything together and made it beautifully personal. My favorite design elements were the candelabra  floral centerpieces. The LED candle sticks and bright greenery popped on the gold candelabra. I loved seeing the mix of tall centerpieces and lower pieces, adding texture and depth to the mansions ballroom.


Were there any special/unique design elements/ceremonies?

McKenna and Armon participated in the sofreh ceremony, a persian tradition, and it was beautiful to watch. The elaborate setup and family involvement was really fun to witness. I had heard of the ceremony before, but it was my first time getting to see it in person and I loved the added personal touch of Armons culture into their ceremony.


What did you like best about coordinating at this venue?

I love coordinating at Highlands Ranch Mansion because it is already so beautiful, that anything you do to decorate just elevates the overall look. My favorite thing is when people fill it full of floral, adding different textures and colors and dimension to the rooms. The Mansion staff is not only great along the planning process, but they always handle the event day with ease and efficientcy. We had a medical emergency arrise this day and along with Charlie from the mansion, we were able to handle it quickly and efficiently and it all worked out in the end.


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