Natalie and Drew- August 25th, 2018- Spruce Mountain Ranch-Black Tie Ranch Wedding

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November 19, 2018
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Black Tie Ranch Wedding

Event Date: August 25, 2018

Couple/Client: Natalie and Drew

Location: Spruce Mountain Ranch- Alberts Lodge

Coordinator: Lo (Lauren Wiltshire)

Assistant Coordinator:  Sarah Namerow

Services Provided to the client: Wedding Orchestration

Rockstar Vendors:

Photo: Cassidy Brooke Photography

Venue: Spruce Moutain Ranch

Catering: Epicurean 

Entertainment: Follow the Fox and Evan Hung

Floral: The Olive and Poppy 


What was your favorite thing about this event?

“This was a black tie affair and all the guests embraced this and knocked it out of the park! Everyone looked stunning and I think this brought a very special element to the day.”


Did you have a favorite design element?  

“The ceremony design had to be my favorite because they utilized the beautiful tree in Graces chapel and adorned it with greenery and some light draping. When the wind blew, it made it absolutely whimsical.”


Were there any special/unique design elements/ceremonies?

“Natalie and Drew did a handwashing part of their ceremony that we don’t see very often and it definitely brought a different aspect to their day. Handwashing involves the couple washing their hands to start a new chapter of your marriage with a clean slate to bring them closer together.”

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