Reasons why you should consider outsourcing your event

  • Save $$.  If an event is going to need 60 man hours, you are better off to go with an event management company. Pay for the hours you need!  Most often a full time events professional is not needed for just a few events a year.
  • Get better deals. An events company knows vendors and has strong industry relationships. They can use these to get you the best possible deals.
  • 100% attention.  An Event planner focuses solely on your function.  Not trying to do their regular job plus the event.  So there are no conflicts and what task deserves more attention.
  • SKILLS.  Event companies like TGE run 100 events per year, so we have seen it all.   We have the skills to run a successful event.
  • Creativity.  Event planners can suggest ideas, make improvements and fill in gaps.

Consider the cost of running an event that fails.  Includes loss of sales, clients, and loss of future business.

Check our corporate planning and nonprofit event options.