The 5 Reasons why TGE is phasing out of weddings and private events

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June 16, 2020
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December 1, 2020

You might have seen that we have changed a few things.  Our bios on social media, our website.  This is because we are shifting our focus.  We are completing all contracted events for 2021 and will be phasing out of weddings and private events all together in 2022.  We are receiving a lot of questions about why – and we plan to be very honest in this blog.  


1. To quote BB King – The Thrill is Gone.  

90% of our clients are amazing and kind human beings.  But when they say “I DO” the spark we used to feel in our souls has dulled a bit.    We still continue to push and coordinate our asses off, and kick ass for our clients – but simply we aren’t feeling it the way we used to.  


2. We want to spend more time with our families and work less Saturday nights.  



Personally, when I started, I had no kids, didn’t own a home, my parents did not live 10 minutes away. Over the last 8 years my life has changed so much.   I want to spend time with my family and coordinating weddings is no longer conducive to that for me 

With our venue management sector, we can work with our event managers and “share the load” so no one person has to manage 55 events (which I have done) unless they want to.  We are able to support each other for weekends off, vacations etc.   


 Cutie pic by From the Hip (AG daughter Harper)




3. $ that we can count on 

This is another simple fact –  our venues are funds that we can project and count on.    This allows us to hire and plan for the future.   With weddings and special events it was….If we book this amount, I can hire someone, IF IF IFit is very hard to build a business off of IF. 


4. Why you gotta be so rudeeeee? 

Over the years we have had the pleasure of coordinating for some of the worst clients on the planet.  Harsh?  No, again – 90% of our clients have been amazing.  But that 10%, man that 10% is draining.  No one likes to be treated like the hired help, intimidated, yelled at, asked to drop your rates “just because” and that is exactly what happens a few times a year.  Someday we will write a book and tell these horror stories.  But for now…we out!  

(We are very lucky that our 2021 COVID impacted clients are very kind and chill – our final season should be a good one!) 

Thank you Obama for the epic mic drop pic – we miss you!   




During the pandemic I read an article that I will remember forever. The foundation was simple – now is the time to make your business exactly what it should have been from the start.  Before you HAD to take that terrible client.  Before you HAD to cut this corner, etc etc.  So, I had to answer this (what should have been simple question) – what do you want TGE to be like?  What do you want to do?    


Answer:  I love working for our venue clients, working on their procedures, sales funnels, campaigns – to make it cheesy…it gives me life.    So, time to push in that, and only that direction.  


Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development


  1. Robin Berhost says:

    Way to go Adrienne and the TGE Team…you will ROCK this too.

  2. Cristy says:

    Adrienne, there is nothing more powerful than being able to simply focus on your passion and live complete peace with that. All too often society forces us to think we have to be bigger and better, and amass more and more. We had this epiphany four years ago that we were just burning fuel, yet not getting very far. Since then, we’ve been much happier, more balanced, and savvy about what is important to our lives. Congratulations on this new journey. I know you will be amazing at it!

  3. Lauren Wiltshire says:

    Love the direction of TGE! Yall are amazing and I know you will continue to lead the pack

  4. Adrienne Gardner says:

    Thank you LO! We miss you! So happy about your new job and home!!

  5. Adrienne Gardner says:

    Thank you Robin. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support and partnership throughout the years!

  6. Adrienne Gardner says:

    Thank you Cristy! We still are going to get bigger 🙂 (I mean, come on…its me! LOL!) But just in other directions. So glad to hear your shift has been a good one. We appreciate your support and how you always took such great care of our clients!

  7. Gayl D Davis says:

    TGE and Kelly were amazing! With 2020 being so crazy and all the changes and adjustments we had to make they made our daughters wedding day at Boettcher Mansion a wonderful stress free day for all of us. I cannot thank you enough. Wishing you all the best as you enter this new chapter in your life.

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