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Time Management Hacks – Adrienne Gardner
March 8, 2021
Time Management Hacks – Kelly
March 8, 2021

Title: Time Management – Hacks to Get Ish Done 


Does anybody else thoroughly enjoy getting stuff done? Do you also thrive when you review your to-do’s and see zero remaining? Is it a goal for you to leave work at the end of the day and actually leave work for tomorrow? 


If you responded with a resounding HELL YEAHawesome, we can be friends. If you responded with a “that would be nice” – buckle up and get your blue-light glasses on (and we can still be friends).  Here are my hacks for managing your time and managing it well through a sales perspective: 


  1. Reminders are your friends. There are tons of apps and resources out there to remind you of upcoming meetings, important tasks, etc. Is it your Outlook/Google calendar? Do you actually acknowledge your Reminders app at 8 AM when it tells you to take that multi-vitamin you always forget about? Remember, what might work for someone else and what works for you can be completely different. My advice is to keep your work and personal nudges as separate as possible to compartmentalize and solidify boundaries.


  1. Prioritize your leads and contact points. First thing, clear your inbox – return that call, reply to their email with answers to their bajillion questions, etc. If you know your day is going to be packed and you have follow ups, get your calls taken care of up front as it’s frowned upon to check-in after 5:30 PM. This way, you don’t fall behind or push things to the next day.


  1. Be aware of the clock. Nothing is worse than taking a call and having to cut it short because you’re about to run into a meeting. Always keep a pulse on the time! I stay away from taking calls if I am within thirty minutes of a tour, scheduled meeting, etc. Truly, you never know if a lead is going to spend five minutes with you or forty minutes with you – we’ve all been there. By protecting that zone, you honor those you interact with and allow yourself to be fully present.


  1. Prep. Prep. Prep. If you aren’t prepping your intel or materials, you’re already behind. Leads want to see that you are ready to go and have thought through everything on their behalf. For tours, I’ll write out each event’s details, things I need to still figure out, potential pain points, personal flairs, etc. By doing so, this sets me up to cater venues to their needs, think intuitively, and convert the leads to booked.


  1. Focus. We all have our own ways to get in the zone. Do you need absolute silence with the door closed? Do you favor the instrumental Harry Potter soundtrack or top 40 hits? Do you work better when the office is freezing? Figure out what helps you stay on task and tackle your list. For me, nothing gets me in the zone more than “’Till I Collapse” by Eminem or “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga ft. Ariana Grande – which you know I listened to multiple times throughout this excerpt. 


Find your groove. Master and repeat it. Get your ish done on the daily.  


Kagney Kordzik
Kagney Kordzik
EVENT ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE for TGE. CEO of making it rain. gardnereffect.com

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