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Time Management Hacks – Kelly
March 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

2021 Habit Update: Time Management 

Time management has always been something that I am just good enough at and my schedule was just barley light enough that I never had to put a lot of effort into keeping an extremely structured schedule at work. However, a little bit surprisingly, when I started to work from home (almost a year ago now) I knew that I needed a better daily work structure in order be productive because working from home just simply isn’t my jam. As time goes on and work begins to pick up again, I am working on mastering some good time management skills/habits. This is something I talked about in my January blog when we talked about the habits we are working on and I feel like it’s a good time to circle back to those 2 time management habits I wanted to work on and let you know, honestly, how it’s going, now that the first quarter of the year is winding down.  


Habit 1: Blocking My Time. 

So, this has been a little bit of a struggle for me. I blocked out my time accordingly and tried to keep it the same week to week/day to day. However, I quickly learned this plan is not realistic because the amount of tasks and my to-do’s for each client differ SO MUCH day to day. With that in mind, and after some great advice from AG about time blocking, I am now taking some time at the end of the week to plan out the beginning of the next week and place time blocks on Monday and Tuesday. At the end of Tuesday, I will then place my remaining time blocks on my calendar for the rest of the week. I am trying this because I have noticed recently that my Monday and Tuesdays are busier and are usually when more tasks get added to my to-do list for the remaining week. On a positive note, I have been very good about not jumping around from venue to venue and strictly working on one venue until I am done with my block, and that feels really good 


Habit 2: Write Down my To-Dos. 

I have been really good at this! I start my to-do list for each client at the beginning of the week to track all the major and minor tasks that I need to get done. I keep my notebook opened to this page basically at all times, because is there any better feeling than checking something off your to-do list? I always took notes during meetings but now I am structuring those action items just like my To-do list which makes adding items to my list easy and in a way that feels manageable.  


I am confident that I will be able to improve my time blocking through this year and keep learning time management hacks that help me be more efficient. I also NEED to keep improving my time management skills because once our event schedules ramp up again time management will become. I am sure, a life saver 

Kasandre Brown
Kasandre Brown
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