No Sales = No Events.  Pretty Simple.


TGE uses a developed and proven sales funnel to work our venues leads and close deals. It goes a little something like this…


This is how we apply it...


Dig In!

Asking the right questions and making sure that lead is the right fit for the venue.

Venue Sales Tours

Virtual, zoom, facetime, or in person. Our venue sales tours are really where our sales process shines.

Be Relentless

In sales you must be aggressive. You will not find a passive sales funnel here. We actively follow up until the deal is closed or lost.

Closing the Deal

Time to lock it down! We know what it takes to close the deal. We will work with you on a bank of incentives we can use in a pinch to get a deal done.


Data is Everything

We track all your sales data. How many leads are coming from what sources. How long does it take to close a deal. What is your target market. Why is all this information so important? So you know what marketing resources work!

The biggest thing here is our sales people are sales people! We do not have event managers that sell, nor do we have sales people that event manage. These skills are so very different. Many venues try to combine these into one does not work! If it has for you, you have found a unicorn and you should keep them forever. Let the sales people do what they are good at.

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