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February 14, 2021
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March 8, 2021

Woo hoo! Time to party!!! 


No wait, but is it?  Q2 is still looking shaky – cancellations and date postponements are still coming through. Yes, doing much better.  But, still up in the air.   One day your like, sweet! I have 10 events for June, not great, but not bad. Then bam! 1 date change and 1 cancellation.   


Hiring venue staff this year is going to be tough.  Let’s break down why.  


1.I bet you might be a bit tight on the $$. If you are not, congrats.  But most sites are, the budgets are super tight and will be for at least two years.  Keeping expenses in check is important for long term recovery.     So you need help, but being able to afford the full time employees you had in the past is going to be a tall order That deferred revenue can be a bitchhhh.  You may look to be having a banner year, I have 1000 events!  But Ya, where is all the money? 

2. You are not sure of the hours and demand!  Especially in Q2, who knows how many shifts they will have.  This makes hiring super difficult – we can all understand that People need guarantees to pay bills, and those are in short supply these days.  

3. You need to train!  It is super hard to plan for a training cycle when the events you need to have on the calendar to train keep shifting!  


So, what can you do? 

1. Go after part timers.  Give no promises. Try to be flexible and accommodate them, because just like you – they are in an unusual position  They can’t work for a week, or they want to go camping.  Cut them some slack – the commitment between you and them is loose and that is ok.  And if you go the hiring route, be as efficient as F. Training should be effective and clear.   Be tracking those hours on your projects! Where are your employees wasting time? Stop that Keep 2021 lean and mean.  


2. Man, or women up!  Have your owners, manager, sales reps – step in.  Do the client and execution side as well. While this is a shitty idea for a few reasons. It will get you through Call it your 2021 band aid.  Why is this shitty? 

    • Owners, come on…I get it, I have to jump in sometimes.  But then I cannot grow my business that week.  Or I cannot be a great manager cause a client is bogging me down.   So don’t make this a habit. But when you gotta do it, do it and don’t bitch.  Your people are watching 
    • Sales reps working client side. I have said this a lot. Great sales people are shitty event people and vice versa. Yes, we have to bleed this role a lot.  But not great long term solution  Right people, right seats. A combo employee should always be temporary. 

3. Look at outsourcing for a year or two.  Outsourcing cos work the events you give. No time is wasted.  If an event cancels or postpones.  Cool, no impact there.  (besides your pocketbook) but at least you would not have the added staffing element. Do I have to pay them for this shift that they are no longer doing? I guaranteed them 30 hours a week….do I have to now pay for them to do nothing?  Depends on the CO, TGE operates on an hourly rate. So, if the event cancels, no Event Manager hours were ever done, so no $ out the door. 

Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development

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