Why do we fear the Tech?

Kelsey and Nick – September 23rd, 2017- Highlands Ranch Mansion
December 4, 2017
December 4, 2017
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Technology is all around us! It has changed so many industries! Why are events a bit behind
the curve?

We still mail invites, we have wedding binders for each of our clients – stop the madness! I have a few suggestions I have for our industry to embrace and not fear the tech!


Bye bye binders! File sharing is so easy and green! Stop printing endless to do lists, and contracts. Create a shared folder, share budgets, to do lists, everything. Only print what you
need – the planet will thank you.


Embrace the Cloud! Saving items to your desktop is risky and downright silly. Keep them in the cloud – access them from anywhere. But beware, most cloud applications like google drive are not backed up! But you can configure it to!


Client communication! There are some great portal options out there. Make it easy for your clients to get you the information you need.


Layout apps! If you are not using one – you should be! Handwritten layouts = “Is this table a 6 or an 8 – I cannot tell?”


Digital RSVPS  That’s right! Embrace this change! Yes, I know etiquette. But times they are a changing! So what’s wrong with digital RSVP? As more millennials get married, they are looking to include technology into their wedding just as they do every other aspect of their lives.

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