Why I love Events! Kagney

Why I love Events! Kelly
February 4, 2021
Fast Forward – it is May 2021; are you ready?
February 6, 2021

As you may have noticed, my content is set in motion by music and lyrics – it is my JAM. So, it should come to no shock to know that several songs immediately rushed to the forefront of my brain with this month’s focus on love (for events). Ultimately, I’ve got “What Is Love” by Klaas & Haddaway living rent free in my body, complete with the classic head bob from A Night at the Roxbury. If you need a reference, please view this GIF. 


My initial love for events and this industry can be fully credited to the one-and-only, Karen Kordzik, AKA my sweet, angelic mother (who could not be more opposite of the “Karen” stereotype, so leave her alone!). My mom owns a flower shop back home in Texas and has been a florist for longer than I have been alive. She’s humble, empathetic, creative, hardworking, and dang good at what she does! Once I hit the ripe age of 16, she immediately recruited (forced) me to deliver and design floral arrangements. Folks, I truly cannot emphasize how resistant I was to it all and people would (and still do) haggle me about taking over the business when she retires. Ultimately, as she predicted, I could no longer resist and since then have followed in her footsteps – peep the photo below: 


All this to say, you cannot beat the experience of brightening someone’s day, making it more beautiful, unique, and full of joy, helping their vision come to life, and blowing away their expectations. It is an incomparable ROI. I have been on this side of the wall as the daughter of a florist, a special events coordinator, at various camps, on catering staff, and now from the sales perspective, and it continues to ring true. 


Whether it is designing flowers, executing a seamless timeline, quickly solving problems before anyone notices, empathizing with a couple planning during a pandemic, or helping events solidify their date and celebrate,  I love it all – it fills my cup and keeps me coming back for more. 

Kagney Kordzik
Kagney Kordzik
EVENT ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE for TGE. CEO of making it rain. gardnereffect.com

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