Why I love Events! Kasandre

January 29, 2021
Why I love Events! AG
February 4, 2021

If you had asked me when I graduated college if I saw myself working in the events industry, I would have said no. Like many people I went to college and got a degree in a completely different field, Arts Administration to be exact. But honestly, looking back at my time in college and those years following, I am not surprised I have landed here. Whether it was planning a fundraiser and asking for silent auction items or overseeing front of house for concerts all my internships ended up being heavily event based, and I was hooked from day one Whenever I think about how grateful I am for my job there are 3 things that stand out to me. 

1) No day is the same 

I love coming to work and knowing that I am not stuck doing the same thing day after day. I love knowing that even my days in the office aren’t going to be the same across the board. Or that each event that I work I will either see something I haven’t seen before (foot washing ceremony?) or learn something new! 

2) Our Team 

It’s amazing how much more you like your job, even during those hard moments, when you like the people you work with.  I don’t know if I have ever worked anywhere that is more supportive than TGE. It’s nice to know that your team has your back and are there for you whenever you need them. 

3) The People 

I love meeting new vendors and working with them and seeing the way other vendors collaborate to make amazing events. Not only that but event people are just more fun!  

Kasandre Brown
Kasandre Brown
DIRECTOR OF VENUE SERVICES for TGE. Keeping the people happy. gardnereffect.com

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