Winners are made in the Winter – Boss prep style

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November 6, 2020
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December 1, 2020

Winners are made in the Winter…Boss Prep Style


Man, I actually love the off season. Well, not as much this yearBut I still love it.  truly believe that winners are made in the off season.  This is true in sport as it is in business and LIFE.  Massive action always leads to results.   


So, what do I work on in the off season.   



First off, I hate accounting.  But I forced myself to take online classes to understand how my books should work.  But, I have to be honest I procrastinate on my reconciling.  So, I first clean those up and then I do my budgets for clients and TGE for the next year.   Budgets are super fun for 2021 (see sarcastic face)– I am sure many of you understand.  Hard to plan with so much uncertainty.  



These are my favorite – I work on sales goals; Rocks (EOS); and I usually include a few huge goals in there to really push myself.    We break down our goals into quarterly attainable Rocks.    These could be – close X amount of deals at this site, have X amount more followers on instaetc.  I usually start my goal work by writing them down by hand in a binder, then once they are solidified and assigned, we put them into our system.  


Audit expenses 

I like to check and make sure I am not spending money that is not warrantedI check to make sure all apps reflect my current team.   Audit my ROI on any marketing (google/facebook ads) and make adjustments – perhaps pause for Nov/December.  I am always willing to spend money, but especially now – so important to be smart and see the return.  


Boss planning 

I schedule out important meetings with my team for the entire year.  These include weekly team meetings, department meetings, and quarterly managers meetings. They are all on the calendar Jan 1 – so no confusion and the expectation is set.  


Website and proposal refresh 

I update our website, promo materials, and proposal with new images.  New videos if we have them. We typically do new head shots and photos every other year.   


Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
PRESIDENT of TGE. SPEAKER and TRAINER on sales process, growth and development

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