Winners are made in the Winter – Look ahead or get left behind

Winners are made in the winter – Get off your butt and get organized!
December 1, 2020
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January 5, 2021

Look ahead or get left behind

During a normal year, the slow winter months are usually a welcome change of pace in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the typical event season. While this year certainly did not have the same event volume that we are used to, I am still looking forward to a slower winter. I plan on using this time to plan for 2021 and reflect on what I have learned in 2020 (I’ve learned a lot). Below are 4 things that I am going to do during these next couple of cold months to prepare for a great 2021 season, whatever that may look like.  

1. Review Your Procedures and Write Them Down 

Now is the time to look at all your procedures and make changes and make sure that they are written down! It may have been a while since you reviewed some of your procedures or maybe it was just last year, but it’s always good to look at them with a new lens. It’s so important that these are written down and saved somewhere accessible. This is vital not only to make editing easier but for staff transitions. It is always helpful to a new hire to have a copy of procedures to reference. When you are writing/reviewing your procedures make sure that they will make sense to someone new. Have a friend read them to see if it makes sense to someone that outside of your role. 

2. Clean Up your Inbox 

Not going to lie I love a good organized inbox. I mean is there any better feeling than seeing that empty inbox once you have responded to all your emails and filed them away? I don’t think so.  I will admit though I can get carried away throughout the year and add folders or sub-folders that I either don’t utilize or that don’t make sense for the following year. Organization is super personal and will be different for each person even if they have the same role. For me since I am checking different email addresses multiple times a day, I try to keep my folders consistent across all my inboxes. I have a 2020 and 2021 client folder, canceled clients, and vendor folders just to name a few. An organized inbox will help on those busy office days when you have no time to waste! 

3. Look Ahead 

2021 has the potential to be a very busy year (fingers crossed). I am planning on looking at our 2021 calendar to start getting an idea of what next year will look like. I am going to look at when are busiest months and days are and get ahead by scheduling myself client check-ins and tasks now, so I don’t have to rely on my brain to remember certain things 4 months from now. By setting myself these tasks and reminders now it will prevent certain things from falling through the cracks and ultimately allow for better customer service. 

4. Self-Reflect 

2020 has been a rollercoaster for everyone, but it was also been a time for personal and professional growth. For me I feel more comfortable handling conflict or delivering bad news to clients now. Have I mastered these skills, hell no, but I have improved significantly from the beginning of this year and plan to continue that growth into 2021. Take this down time to look back on your year, where do you think you can improve and grow and where did you have success? This year was rough so celebrate your successes no matter how small and take the challenges you faced as learning opportunities. I am planning to take all the hard lessons that I have learned this year and apply them in a way to make a successful 2021. 

 I think it’s safe to say that most of us are glad that this year is coming to an end. No-one really knows what 2021 might hold but if we can set ourselves up for success now, then we will be able to handle whatever may be thrown our way. So, 2021 come at us, we are ready! 

Kasandre Brown
Kasandre Brown
DIRECTOR OF VENUE SERVICES for TGE. Keeping the people happy.

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