Work-life Balance – a constant struggle

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April 8, 2021
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May 5, 2021


Work life balance, let’s be honest, is a constant struggle, especially when you work in a customer focused field. Now I will never say I have perfected the work life balance, but I have learned what does work for me and helps me switch off from my work mode.  

  • Don’t give clients your cell: When clients have your cell phone, for some reason they think that means they can text or call whenever they want. Especially on the venue side of things, there is no reason that clients need my cell phone number. Plus, if I am being honest, I am the worst when it comes to returning texts.  
  • Plan your days off strategically – when you don’t always have weekends off: Most of us work Fri-Sun during the busy season. So, when it’s possible, keep your days off consistent. For example, usually take Wednesdays off if I am working on the weekend. I find this helps for 1) my husband to remember when I have off and 2) when I try to make plans with friends and family. 
  • Don’t look at your emails on your day off: It sucks that our phones are now minicomputers that are constantly telling us when a new email rolls in. But don’t look when those notifications pop up, no matter how tempting. This is probably the most difficult task on this list, but is important for that work life balance that we all need! 

Some of these are easier than others but I do find during the busy season these 3 things help keep me sane during a busy event season.  

Kasandre Brown
Kasandre Brown
DIRECTOR OF VENUE SERVICES for TGE. Keeping the people happy.

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