Work-Life Balance – Find a Hobby!

Work-life Balance – enjoy the now
April 8, 2021
Work-life Balance – a constant struggle
April 8, 2021


As we all know it can be hard to make boundaries for ourselves when it comes to work and home life. So many times, we get to the end of the day and realize we did not complete everything that was on our to do list. Our jobs never end but the most important thing to remember is that our home life is just as important as our job. We must take care of ourselves outside of our job so that we can be there to do our job effectively. I have found that when I feel refreshed then I am able to work harder during the day and I feel much more productive.

I have some things that I always make sure to do to keep a good balance between work and home. Here are my go-to ideas!

Find a Hobby!

There are so many different things you can do with your time at home and this helps me to take my mind off of work and lets me use my creativity. Personally, I love to craft and I also enjoy cooking and learning new recipes with my husband. It does not matter what this is but it is a way to use your time in a way that makes you feel happy.

Get Outside

I have two dogs and two cats so my husband and I get outside a lot when we take our dogs for walks. We love getting fresh air and since we live in beautiful Colorado there are so many places to go walk or just go sit and enjoy the views that our state has to offer. My advice is find a nice relaxing place to walk or just sit outside on your porch and breathe in the fresh air.


Spend Time with Family and Friends

We all know that jobs can be stressful. Even with jobs that we love there are always things that happen and we need a safe place to go home to and be able to relax. Go spend time with the people you love and that you get good vibes from! Have a game night or go out to dinner. Find something new to try with your group. My husband and I were given a murder mystery kit that we do at home and each month we receive new clues to find out what happened and it’s so interesting and fun to try something new like that.

By making these things a priority in my personal life I feel that I am much more prepared and ready for my work day. We have to take care of ourselves first before we can help others and being in a profession where we are there to help others plan their big life events I want to be at my best for my clients.

Sara Carattini
Sara Carattini
Client Services. Keepin the peeps happy.

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