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March 8, 2021
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Work-life balance – Being Present  


I believe as a business owner, work-life balance is not a thing.  Your employees depend on you, you have to make it happen, or people do not have jobs.  It is a pretty harsh landscape, but state I love to live and thrive in.    When I think of WLB I think of bubble baths, huge glasses of wine – which is not me.  

My approach to work-life balance is about intention.  Not about carving out time necessarily, but to be present in whatever I am doing at that time. To be focused on either work, fun, family, or me  

I have a few hacks on how I stay “present” in my life.  These are my non-negotiables To me they create balance.  

  1. Leave the Phone behind.  I am not allowed to take my phone into my daughter’s playroom or her bedroom.  This allows me to be 100% present on her at that time.  To be silly, to dance, and not be thinking about a message from a teammate.   I also leave my phone at the opposite end of my bedroom, not on my nightstand.  So when I put it down for the night, I am done. Free to watch some trashy TV, read…or more likely pass out at 830pm.    Real story…I started leaving my phone behind after my daughter and I were playing one day and I was responding to a chat.  She said…” Mommy No! Mommy Stop!” and pushed my phone down.  DAMNNNNN – big wake-up call  


2. Schedule time with my family.    I intentionally schedule date nights with the hubs (monthly), and weekly time with my parents.   Also, the phone is not invited to these as well.   I read an article about a year ago that discussed that at my age you will see your parents much less than you did in the first half of your life.  Which, do the math – is very true.  My parents are a huge priority in my life.  


3. Day to lighten up. Most people know me, I do not take my foot off the gas.  But as I get older I learned that a little R&R does not make me lazy, makes me human.  BUT! I do it my way… I have 1 day a week where I give myself some slack.  Maybe I take a nap, maybe I don’t wake up super early. Maybe I have 2 beers (getting crazy).  But every week I pick a day where I don’t have to kick a huge amount of ass (just an average amount)  


I would also say…I think it is ok to think about your business a lot!  You love it, it creates a life for your staff, their families, and yours!  I never feel bad about thinking about work.  What to me does lead to feeling guilty and having thoughts or regret is a missed moment.  A kiss, a laugh, seeing my kid play with my dad, a fun night out with friends.   Protecting those moments to me is what WLB is all about.  So I schedule them and I take away my electronics  Not super scientific.  But sure does work.  



Adrienne Gardner
Adrienne Gardner
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