Yao Yao and Jason – September 7, 2019- Chatfield Botanic Gardens

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December 6, 2019
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December 6, 2019
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Colorful Garden Wedding


Event Date: 9.7.2019

Couple: Yao Yao and Jason

Venue: Chatfield Botanic Gardens

Lead Coordinator: Kelly Knopp

Assistant Coordinator: Natasha Miller

Service Provided: Wedding Orchestration + Vendor Management 


Rockstar Vendors:

Photo Credit: Drew Mehrmann Photography 

Venue: Chatfield Botanic Gardens 

Catering: Biscuits and Berries

Florist: Hawk Floral

DJ: Elite Entertainment


What was your favorite thing about this event?

My favorite thing about Yao Yao and Jasons wedding was their wedding ceremony. Their Roommate was their officiant and the whole ceremony was a beautiful storytelling of their journey together. You could tell not only how much they love each other, and fit so well together, but also how much their friends and family love them as well. I especially love when the officiant of the ceremony is close to the couple, because it becomes a very intimate, and often funny, account of the couples time together.

What was your favorite Design Element?

My favorite design element was the greenery hanging from the Chandeliers in the Deer Creek Stables at Chatfield Botanic Gardens. The venue is already so beautiful, especially on a nice summer night when you can raise up all of the walls, but this little added touch of color really brings peoples eyes upwards towards the ceiling and adds a touch of elegance to the stable space. I think that greenery always looks great in this primarily white space, especially because greenery compliments the natural gardens as well. When you are planning a family style meal, its also very important to leave as much room on the table as possible for the serving platters, so adding greenery or floral up above the tables is a great way to have an impact without having large centerpieces that take up table space.


I also really loved that Yao Yao and Jason had multiple outfit changes. Although this means you have to account for a little extra time in the timeline, its always worth it! She looked absolutely amazing in her Ceremony dress, her traditional Chinese attire for dinner and then lastly her adorable dancing dress! This was one way that Yao Yao got to show off her personality and a special piece of her culture.


What do you like best about coordinating at this venue?

I absolutely love coordinating at Chatfield Botanic Gardens. It is a naturally beautiful venue, which makes it very easy for our couples to decorate it as much or as little as they want! It also is a great blank space for any style. The stables can be decorated to match almost any theme or design. Pablo and his staff are great to work with and overall it is a great venue if you are looking for a beautiful outdoor space to hold your entire event!


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